In addition to inspiring a more focused creative effort, our data driven process enables the continued monitoring that a campaign needs to remain successful.  One of our most effective tools for evaluating success is our proprietary Committed Visitor Index (CVI). Keeping the customer journey as a focal point, our CVI breaks away from static metrics like bounce rate by breaking down where customers go on your site, how long they stay there and whether or not they take the actions that you want them to take. Where bounce rate lacks nuance and fails to account for context, CVI helps you to better focus on address the visitors who are actually engaging with your business.

One of the most significant tools in both measuring and increasing your CVI are strategically crafted landing pages. Across different industries, a quality landing page is a key difference maker in improving conversion rates. While the performance of standard issue landing pages varies drastically across industries, the top 10% of successful landing pages consistently perform three to five times better than average regardless of industry or focus. We tirelessly monitor these success stories and craft our landing pages to ensure that our clients are among them. With an optimized web site and the appropriate measurement tactics in place, we then position strategic consumer touch points across different channels to direct prospects to specific landing pages through a clear and effective call-to-action. Using these touch points, we can then evaluate media channel effectiveness in real time and make adjustments accordingly.

In an increasingly digital world, gauging when, how and even why your customers engage with your brand is essential to success. With this information in hand, both your media and creative strategies become a more dynamic product that can be meaningfully adjusted to compliment areas of strength and to convert challenges into opportunities for growth. With our tools and our team, there’s practically nothing that can stand in the way of you and your brand in 2020.

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