Whether you’d like to admit it or not, unless you’ve recently done so, your website could probably undergo some updating. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are a few reasons why your website may need to be refreshed:

1.Your website is not mobile friendly, as in if you open it on a phone or tablet, you have to squint to read the content.

2.You have watched your rank in Google decline in the last six months.

3.You know you’re better than your competition, but your website information doesn’t show that. Consider adding in some interesting statistics and company information that makes you stand out.

4.Your current sales or product focus is not the first thing a visitor to your site sees.

5.You aren’t “connected” to the social platforms where your customers are. Do a little research to see what social media platforms your clientele uses most and make sure you’re using the same. In addition, it is helpful to have links to all your social media accounts somewhere on your website for ease of access.

6.You notice some “not so nice” things said about you when you Google your company. Read through the criticism and see what needs improvement!

7.You have “cool” flash intros and banners built into your site.

8.You find yourself asking “Is that information even on our website?” It’s smart to have a few people from your company complete a “web audit” of your site to compose a list of what important information is missing.

9.Your site is littered with stock images, clip art, or images scanned in by your assistant in 2015. Consider adding in more personal photos or simply refreshing the stock photos with more current ones.

10.You couldn’t update your website if you tried – and you haven’t. If updating your site isn’t in your company’s bandwidth right now, consider hiring someone who can take care of it for you and even teach you the simpler aspects.

11.You actually have made some changes to your staff.


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