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BrandImpossible - COVID-19 Marketing Makeover

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We want to help! We’re asking owners and marketing professionals to share a little about their business to discover new ways to share their story and for an opportunity to win a $50,000 marketing makeover by the Vista14 team. Complete the Brand Impossible Assessment and be automatically eligible to win. First drawing to be held July 1, 2020.

Our Unique Service Model

Our unique service model is focused on the site structure and content publishing requirements for a brand to maintain relevancy in the major search engines, prospects and clients. Vista14 provides executive marketing and sales leadership, a program manager, and all of the design, development and social expertise – all for a low monthly rate! So, the more storytelling content a site publishes on its own domain and shares with extended platforms (such as social media, PR wires, partner sites, etc.), the more a domain will be valued in ranking. Thus, the higher the conversions and ROI.

Whats Included Every Month






Social Media







Choose the Program
Best for You

We are online customer engagement experts who pioneered the convergence of websites, mobile, content and social media. Our unique, deliverable-based retainer model provides bundled marketing and consulting services that saves our Clients thousands of dollars a year.
The VeloCiti Program improves visibility, credibility and relevancy – plus, the speed of doing business at a local level. We will right-size our engagement to meet your business needs and unlock the potential of your prospects and customers – we guarantee it.

VeloCiti EssentialsSM

These are the basic website and social media communications that are required by the search engines for a site to maintain its rank and relevancy. This is also the minimum a customer/client might expect to see from a brand to ensure credibility.

VeloCiti ImpactSM

Includes additional website and social media touch points, along with the robust Interactive Marketing Playbook and the Editorial Calendar. Most small to medium sized companies find this program suits their needs and budget (less than a full-time employee)

VeloCiti AccelerateSM

For a greater cadence of communication across multiple social media platforms and email. Typically for large customers with established brand and customer base.

Why VeloCiti is Different

  • Unmatched content generation, with creative copywriters who have industry expertise.
  • Unmatched design for usability and mobility, with the idea that every site is not created equal.
  • Ability of customer engagement with content and campaigns. This allows you to track response times & project sales pipeline at the business level.
  • Unique Interactive Marketing Playbook that allows us to focus, month-by-month, on the topics that will drive engagement with your brand.
  • Client Editorial Calendar that outlines all communications by channel, campaign and product. This provides a schedule of when, what and why your brand is speaking – online and off.
  • We use every tool at our disposal. Whether it is social media, email blasts, website CTA‘s or SMS, we ensure that we deliver for our customers.
  • We love what we do. And we have fun doing it!

What Really Matters to Your Boss

Proactive Marketing for Your Business

Simple Monthly Pricing & Bottom-Line Savings

Right-sized monthly marketing plan for your business or organization on a budget

Simple to See Results

Dramatic improvement in organic rank for keywords, followers and “likes”

Interactive Communication Strategy

Everything is planned and tracked by channel, message and result

Contain Customer Acquisition Costs

Control marketing initiatives and focus activities that drive the most ROI – simple flat rate monthly fee

Proactively Manage Your Reputation

Protection from negative or harmful search results that may impact the credibility of your brand

Better SEO Results

Increased visibility amongst secondary and tertiary keyword search results

Timely Posts & Emails

Reflect seasonal communications or product changes that demonstrate your brand is “current”

Out-position your competition

Monthly thought-leadership content with established voice and immediacy

So What’s next?

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