The goal of most trade show marketers is to increase the audience they have influence over. But how do you generate a larger audience at your booth? Well, that answer depends on a few factors, such as who will be in attendance, why they might be there and what they hope to take away from the trade show. From there, you simply must narrow down what method will be most successful in your circumstances:

15 Ways to Draw More People to Your Trade Show Booth:

  1. Video
    • Utilize videos to showcase your product or service is a beneficial way to engage with your audience. That being said, it is important to use high-quality videos and present them in a way that your audience can see and hear without any trouble.
  2. Relaxing/Lounge Area
    • Trade shows typically require that attendees stand on their feet all day. Provide a comfortable lounge area and some refreshments and you’re sure to draw a crowd – even if just for the amenities!
  3. Celebrities
    • This one speaks for itself but having a celebrity at your trade show booth will bring the people in. Keep in mind that this tactic will require a larger budget.
  4. Special Announcements
    • Making a grand, dramatic announcement is a great way to bring more people to your booth, especially if you did a good job with pre-show marketing. Be prepared to answer any and all questions after the announcement is made.
  5. Demos
    • Live demos are a great way to showcase the benefits of your products in a live and entertaining way.
  6. Food and Drinks
    • Just like with the lounge area mentioned above, providing food and/or drinks will initially draw more people to your booth. Once you have them there, take the opportunity to engage with them and speak about your product.
  7. Comment Wall
    • Place a physical wall on your booth and allow attendees to write comments and messages on it. By encouraging people to utilize the board, you can use the opportunity to talk about your product while they write.
  8. Pre-Show Outreach
    • Much of your time prior to a trade show or event should be spent promoting it through email, social media, websites and any other assets your company utilizes. Letting attendees know you will be there beforehand ensures that they seek you out once at the trade show.
  9. Phone Charging Station
    • If you have a seating area already set up, it’s easy to add in a charging station, which is sure to attract a crowd. Take the time they use to charge their phones to mingle, pass out brochures or showcase demos about your product.
  10. Free WIFI Access
    • On that same note, offering free wife (if not already being offered at the trade show location) will also encourage attendees to come and stay at your booth. Use the time that people are near to network.
  11. Giveaways
    • Everyone loves winning prizes! Whether you use raffles or create a game out of it, it is important to make sure the prize is relevant to your audience and the theme of the trade show.
  12. Entertainment
    • Just like with celebrities, having a form of entertainment at your booth will catch the eyes of the attendees and continuously draw them in. From magicians to comedians to musicians and more, the only limitation lies in your budget.
  13. Competitions
    • Holding a competition will not only attract those with a competitive drive, but also those attendees just looking to be entertained! Have the audience be the judge to provide a lot of fun and engagement at your booth.
  14. Interactive Content
    • Touch screens, tablets, monitors and more are a perfect way to engage with attendees on their own terms. Your booth can offer a variety of interactions such as demos, videos, surveys or quizzes. This is a great way to generate leads, especially if you require they enter an email before interacting with content.
  15. Visual Appeal
    • No one is going to stop by your booth if it doesn’t look good. All of your graphics should be consistent with your branding, eye-catching, easy to see and visually appealing. The same goes for your staff. Make sure all staff members look and act in a professional manner.

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