As fast as trends and technology move, it can almost seem like new marketing techniques just form out of thin air. It’s true that today’s marketers have to be ready for anything at any time, but cutting through all the noise and achieving real results requires a clear and actionable plan. At Vista 14, we emphasize strong organization to deliver cohesive, award-winning campaigns. Whether online or off, we pride ourselves on delivering the right media mix, at the right times for the right clients.

Synchronizing Channels: How Online and Offline Media bolster one-another

With a comprehensive media plan in place, your online and offline channels can be optimized to work off of one another effectively. While conventional wisdom may swing in favor of digital platforms, there is still plenty of room for traditional offline media in your marketing plan. At Vista 14, we take full advantage of both online and offline media, using each one to bolster the effectiveness of the other. Even with the entire world moving online, traditional offline media is still a powerful force for driving sales.

For example, according to a recent study, 85 percent of internet users say they’ve used a coupon that they found in a newspaper or magazine. It’s not just about immediate discounts either, a recent study by Nielsen found that consumers associate traditional media with reliability, as 66 percent of American adults find editorial content, such as newspaper articles to be trustworthy. That trust can translate into purchases, as 82 percent of customers trust print advertisements when making purchasing decisions. We take statistics like these seriously, and believe that keeping your online and offline marketing efforts in synch can result in increased sales across the board.

With data and research built in to each step of our process, our clients can trust that no media channel is chosen arbitrarily. With your customer’s journey in mind, we tailor a media mix designed to reach prospects when and where they are likely to be in the buying process.

If you’ve been dissatisfied with the ROI of your recent marketing efforts, there’s a strong chance that you’ve been placing an inappropriate emphasis on one media channel over another. We believe that there’s no one answer to channel selection, and make it a point to analyze your business and its clientele to determine the optimal mix for maximum results.

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