If you haven’t implemented data into your marketing campaign, then you’re missing out on discovering customer insights and analytics that can help create stronger marketing campaigns. Rooted in research and analytics, data-driven marketing takes a scientific approach and utilizes proprietary technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning to conduct hyper targeted marketing campaigns with AI-engineered content and influencers that are matched to your customers. Vista14 is excited to begin working with a data-driven influencer marketing company that custom curates and deploys highly effective campaigns that consistently outperform traditional marketing investments and yield better return on investment (ROI).

How is data-driven marketing different than traditional?

  • Data-driven marketing collects millions of bits of public data to better understand, detect, manage and measure each campaign. Through this data collection and analysis, the content that is published is inspired by artificial intelligence (AI) to leverage the appropriate social platforms for each brand campaign. In addition, data-driven marketing does not use popular influencer databases or celebrity influencers, nor does it look at the number of followers to determine their influence. Instead, influencer research is conducted to find those that are engaged with their audiences and who’s content is best aligned with your company and the unique campaign.

What is Micro-Influencing?

  • Micro-influencing is when brands partner with social media acconts that have smaller amounts of followers. This is done in an effort to have their brand promoted in a way that is more authentic and stands out from typical sponsored ads.
  • These micro-influencers are usually well-known in their specific industry and have high levels of engagement with their followers, making them ideal for brands looking to extend their reach within a niche audience. In a recent survey, over 82% of consumers said they were likely to buy something a micro-influencer recommended because they trust their opinion.
  • Another bonus? Micro-influencers are generally less expensive than celebrities, some even willing to promote products they like for free.

How does Artificial Intelligence (AI) Come into Play?

  • AI marketing is a method of leveraging customer data and AI concepts in order to predict your customer’s next move and improve the customer journey. AI helps brands and marketers build a clearer picture of who their target audience is to ensure the right message is delivered to the right person at the right time, using the right channel.
  • AI can also help marketers analyze search patterns to identify keywords, phrases or channels where brands should be focusing their efforts. This technology can also dig deeper into user demographics to discover potential clients and deliver the ideal content to them.

How is All of this Measured?

  • There are a few factors that are measured through data-driven marketing, such as each unique campaign’s reach, ROI, content engagement relative to the reach, success of the micro-influencer and more.
  • This data is analyzed by artificial intelligence, human intelligence and machine learning to better understand consumer trends and narratives relevant to the campaign. The result is the development of a marketing campaign that is scientifically created to market towards your target audience, thus increasing brand awareness and driving sales.

Utilizing data to drive marketing efforts is an efficient way to discover turn-key campaign solutions through insightful reporting and collaboration. Don’t let an inconclusive marketing campaign keep you from growing your business. Contact Vista14 today to get started on a successful campaign today!

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