When it comes to increasing your company’s revenue, few people play a bigger role in reaching your goals than the men and women in your sales team. As valuable an asset as they may be, too many companies leave them woefully underprepared to capitalize on new opportunities. According to recent statistics, 95% of customers purchase from salespeople that offer relevant content at every stage of the buying process. Unfortunately, many sales teams are uninformed on their company’s industry, therefore not able to provide relevant and persuasive information to customers. Additionally, 82% of customers needed to view five or more pieces of content before making a purchase. Figures like these are proof-positive that sales enablement needs to be a top priority for growing your company in the new year.

Your People, Our Strategies

At Vista14, we believe that strong marketing should always lead back to sales. This is why we work with you and your sales team to develop the assets that can help you convert prospects into paying customers. No matter how amazing the product may be, selling is hard work. We understand that your team may not have the time or the resources necessary to research and identify new targets and possible areas of growth. This is why we make learning about your industry and your customers a crucial component of our process. With you as an active partner, we use our research to enable your team as well as our own. Whether through state of the art ROI calculators or through personal consultations, at Vista14, improved sales come first.

Enabling Sales Through Content Marketing

Our entire process revolves around understanding your business and its clientele. In order to properly develop an appropriate media mix and generate effective content, we emphasize strong research at the outset of any new project and keep it as the focal point during each stage of your campaign. By placing our focus on your clientele and their customer journey, we develop a content strategy centered on developing leads and informing the sales team as a component of your brand. While so many marketers focus disproportionately on logos, color schemes and taglines, the sales team are often left out of the branding equation. But, through a carefully crafted content strategy, your sales team can deliver the consistency in both voice and information that are crucial to any strong brand.

Strong content doesn’t just inform your sales team, it gives them a veritable breadcrumb trail to follow as they close in on valuable, interested leads. Nurtured leads typically result in 20% more sales opportunities. How and why it all works out is actually quite simple. A prospect who has just received a brochure might not be receptive to a sales call just yet. On the other hand, a prospect who has opened and engaged with a white paper just might be in the right stage of the customer journey to begin making purchase decisions. Tracking that journey and enabling your sales team to compliment and expand upon that informational content inspires trust and makes closing the deal that much easier.

Industry leading research and engaging content isn’t the only way that Vista14 can strengthen your team. Strong creative execution and accurate audience targeting both help to ensure that interested customers can find and reach out to you without high-pressure cold calling. With the customers your business wants coming directly to you, your well-informed team can focus on reaching out to exciting new leads with better data and more tools at their disposal.

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