It’s no surprise that, with the rise of smartphones and tablets, building custom mobile apps is the smartest financial move a business can make. In 2018, there were over 200 billion app downloads and that number is projected to reach 258 billion by 2022. A mobile app is actually fairly easy to build. But before we get ahead of ourselves, why should your business consider creating an app in the first place?

Benefits of Having a Mobile App:

  • Increase the value of your business
    • In a world where everyone we see is glued to their phone, being mobile-friendly is a must and a mobile app is the easiest way to do so. The average customer spends over three hours on their mobile devices each day, 87% of which is spent in apps. They don’t want to have to switch devices in order to access your business’s content. In fact, they won’t.
  • Increase customer engagement
    • Mobile apps allow you to interact with customers in real time and guide them through each step of the sales cycle, resulting in more sales and more profit. Offering a mobile app gives the customer the opportunity to interact with you anytime they are on their mobile device. This provides you with more options to enhance customer service and build on that relationship. Many businesses offer exclusive discounts to app users, provide free product or service information, offer instant customer support chat and more.
  • Increase brand recognition
    • Arguably, the space your brand will be seen the most is mobile. In addition, 74% of millennials admit that they open a mobile app when bored, making brand awareness even more prevalent. Whether they open the app every day or not, simply seeing your branded logo on their smartphone screen keeps you fresh in their minds. This increase in customer communication makes it easier to begin a sales conversation, thus making your sales cycle shorter.
  • Increase market dominance
    • If you want to be position as the leading solution in your target market, you have to increase your competitive value. A mobile app accomplishes this because it provides more value to the customer by being more accessible and it helps to capture a larger share of your market as customer acquisition increases.
  • Increase customer insights
    • Utilizing customer feedback and data is the holy grail of business management. The amount of demographic and psychographic data that a mobile app collects helps you get into the minds and hearts of your customers to determine what influences their purchasing decisions.

If you’re relying solely on your website to fulfill your business goals, you may be missing out on key factor to propel your business to its highest potential. Even if you feel restrained by your budget or creativity, an app can be within your reach. If you are interested in working with Vista 14 to create a mobile app for your business, please contact us here.

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