HOUSTON – FEBRUARY 24, 2020 – Vista14 announces an alliance partnership with VizSense, a micro-influencer marketing company that custom curates and deploys data-driven marketing campaigns. This partnership is part of a new offering from Vista14 to provide data-driven marketing services that take a scientific approach and utilizes proprietary technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to conduct hyper-targeted marketing campaigns specific to each client.

Data-driven marketing is a process that collects millions of bits of public data to better understand, detect, manage and measure marketing efforts. Driven by research and analysis, the Vista14 team creates content that is is AI-engineered to leverage the best social platforms in order to reach the client’s target audience. There are many factors that can be measured through this form of marketing, such as reach, return on investment (ROI), engagement levels, sales, brand awareness, success of the influencer and more.

“Vista14 was quickly drawn to VizSense after learning that their implementation of data into marketing efforts provides more thorough customer insights and analytics,” stated Judy Lakin, president of Vista14. “We believe that this opportunity will introduce a more efficient way to discover turn-key campaign solutions and deliver real results for our clients.”

These new data-driven marketing services include in-depth research and analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, micro-influencing, campaign implementation, insightful reporting and more.

About Vista14
Vista14 is a team of brand, creative and development experts with innovation at the core of our business values. We focus on loyalty, conversion and activation of the end customer throughout their journey with our client’s brand. Founded on the core principal of convergence, we deliver a high-level of creativity, strategic thinking, organization and in-depth understanding of proven marketing and advertising techniques to create truly compelling content and successful online and offline campaigns. From startups to accounting firms to restaurateurs, we share a common goal with all our clients – to bring out the best in their brand.

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