Create A Consistent Experience across all devices

Responsive web design simply means it responds to the device being used. Since the majority of all web activity is now conducted on a mobile-device, it is more important than ever to have a mobile-friendly website. Users expect an easily accessible website experience regardless of the device they’re using.

Google only rewards websites that are mobile friendly with mobile search results.

Vista14 responsive web designs create a user-focused and search engine optimized experience for your target audience when they visit your site with any device.

A FREE Website Audit can give you an overview of your website and it’s mobile-friendliness.

Responsive web design services

We mobilize and optimize your site for any smart device using:


Fluid Grids

A flexible grid system that changes your website’s width and margins to match visitors’ mobile screens.


Fluid Images

Coding that adjusts all your website’s images to the size of any smart device so your images never look stretched or pixelated.


Media Queries

CSS technology that rearranges your site’s content to fit onto any smart device screen size. No content will be left out!

Smartphones have made responsive web design a must for all businesses

The way today’s consumer absorbs content more than any other media is overwhelmingly the smartphone. It is the source for anything searchable and needed instantly. This includes business, entertainment, social and anything searchable. Consumers scan websites more on their cell phones today than ever before, at a much higher rate than on desktop computers or tablets.

That’s why smartphones have made responsive web design a must for all businesses. It’s only going to continue to become more important as the use of smart phones increase every year. Many websites are behind the times when it comes to the best user experience for mobile viewers. At lot of them believe that their primary interaction is with a desktop computer during work hours.

So What’s next?

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